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Life on Crete
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Additional Videography

Arts and Artists

“Street Show Auditions” (1979)
(review of street artists hired by Chicago Arts Council)

“Community Development Block Grants” (1981)
(neighborhood arts programs through the Chicago Arts Council)

“Chicago’s Miro” (1981)
(the building and design of the Miro public sculpture)

“Erte on Barbados” (1985)
(Art Deco master works with a designer to translate his drawings onto glass)

“Bob Lucas” (1989)
(profile of the Northwest glass and cast concrete artist)

“The Studio of Salvatore Cipolla” (1990)
(profile of the Italian sculptor at work)

“Chiluly’s Venetians” (1990)
(short with music about master Venetian glass blower, Lino Tagliapietra, producing Chihuly’s Venetian series)

“A Life in Wood” (1992)
(profile of Montana wildlife wood carver, Henry Larum)

“Glass Clarinets” (1992)
(Czech glass artist René Roebuck works with master blower Petr Novotny to create fanciful instruments)

“Thick and Thin” (1993)
(in the studio with Czech glass artist Gizela Sabokova)

“Spirit Cloths” (1996)
(in the studio of traditional floor cloth designer, Constance Miller)

“Robert Carlson” (1996)
(profile of the glass artist painting a piece and discussing his art)

“Lino’s Glass Eggs” (1996)
(Lino Tagliapietra blows glass eggs for the Russian Tea Room)

“Northwest Stone Sculptors Association” (1997)
(dozens of sculptors at work during their annual gathering)

“Hot’s Good!” (1997)
(glass designer Henner Schroder shows off his two new techniques)

“Off the Ground” (2000)
(a profile of Brian Mackin, creator of the world’s largest pots)

“Fabricated Interiors” (2008)
(metal artist Bill Baran-Mickle constructs a tiny room from many metals)


“Babies, Dreams, and Stories” (1975)
(group performance directed by Stephanie Skura, New York)

“Black Tongue” (1978)
(piano performance by Stephanie Skura done with Image Processing)

“Skinner Releasing Dance” (1990)
(with movement/image innovator Joan Skinner)

“Parent-Child Dance” (1992)
(workshop for families with the Skinner Releasing Institute)


“The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts” (1991)
(an overview of the classes and teachers at an American-run art school in Greece)

“Dinosaurs: What Do You Think?” (1996)
(One of a number of pieces produced with and for young students in the public school system of Helena, Montana; part of a video teaching program)

“Can You hear Me?” (1997)
(piece on acoustics and protecting your hearing for the Acoustical Society of America)

“Washington Council on the Humanities” (2000)
(detailed look at the educational programs run in the Seattle area by the Council)


“Sword into Plowshares” (1992)
(Cretan blacksmith repairs a mule-drawn plow, then watches his work on an video monitor, with approval and a hearty toast)

“Bainbridge Island in Winter” (2009)
(tourism piece showing the panoply of winter activities on the island)

“Sleep on an Island” (2009)
(review of some of Bainbridge Island’s best B&B’s; this and the previous piece were produced for the Bainbridge Island Lodging Association)

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