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On Tour with the Blue Berets   On Tour with the Blue Berets
©1999 Light Brigade
Video: 55 min.
The United Nations Preventive Deployment Force (UNPREDEP) represents the first use of troops for a preventive purpose in UN history. "On Tour" documents the UN peacekeeping operation in the Balkan republic of Macedonia.

Formerly a part of Yugoslavia, Macedonia declared its independence in 1992. A multinational force was sent into the capital city of Skopje and key border areas and has been there ever since.

Under a grant from the MacArthur Foundation Moyemont and co-producer Stephen Maly traveled to Macedonia, where they lived with the soldiers for a month, documenting all phases of the peacekeepers' lives. They then spent two weeks in Macedonian communities seeing how residents view the peacekeepers.

The deployment in Macedonia was successful. In spite of the Kosovo War that followed in 1999, there has been no war on Macedonian soil. These two video segments ( Part 1, Part 2) are just part of the one-hour documentary. It's good to remember how we once promoted peace and succeeded—without firing a single shot.

United Nations: Preventive Deployment Force (UNPREDEP) Peace and Security
Soros Foundation: Open Society Institute Macedonia

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