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Living the Legend

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Video: approx 55 min.
America has few symbols as enduring as "Old Ironsides." Restored to her original splendor by skilled craftspeople and children across the nation who contributed pennies for her new sails, constitution reaffirms America's dreams as her crew sails into the next millennium.

Boston Globe Special
U.S. History Civil War Cycle
USS Constitution Museum
USS Constitution US Navy web site.
MAN: A ship or vessel, as "man-of war," "Indiaman," "merchantman," etc., always paradoxically designated as she.
Timonier. Former crew member has microfilm and text of constitution's logs for many years.
CyndisList. Links to dozens of passenger lists.
Oct. 21, 1797 Boston Sea Party. USS constitution launched and christened at Edmond Hartt's Shipyard, Boston.
Aug. 1798 Ordered into action in the Quasi-War with France.
Saw a Strange sail . . . exercised the great guns  (journal of James Pity, Aug. 21).
1803-1806 Flagship, Mediterranean Squadron, Tripolitan War.
1812-1815 War with Great Britain.
A Wonderful Life
Without constitution's victory over guerriere, heavily anti-Federalist Masschusetts might well have seceded from the Union, and James Madison possibly would not have been president for a second term.
Aug. 18, 1812 Defeats 49-gun British frigate guerriere. Crew nicknames her "Old Ironsides."
Dec. 29, 1812 Java Surrenders! Captures British frigate Java and five smaller vessels.
1828-1830 Eagle of the Sea 1 Harpies of the Shore 0. Laid up at Boston and condemned by naval commissioners, she was saved by a poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Mar. 1844 1001 Nights. Begins 30-month voyage around the world.
1931-1934 National cruise takes "Old Ironsides" to 91 American cities, including New York, Detroit, Duluth, and Seattle. Returns to her place of honor in Boston harbor.
Mar. 1996-1997 Completes 44-month restoration. Crew prepares for historic sail in July 1997.
Oct. 21, 1997 Celebrates 200th birthday.
jan. 1, 2000 "Old Ironsides" sails into the next millennium.

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