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Baran-MickleTerry made a video of me creating an artwork called, "Fabricated Interiors," several years ago. I wanted to convey the myriad of techniques I use, which are fairly rare and even more rare the way I use them. Terry helped me bring this out in a fashion that was entertaining and informative, prompting me from behind the camera with questions and suggestions. We were able to film in only four studio sessions. He later sewed it all together with masterful editing work. Terry even found a local classical musician to create and play background music that seemed to enhance the type of artwork I make and the intention I try to convey in my work. I have used the film in many ways since it was completed, and have gotten wonderful responses.
Bill Baran-Mickle
Metal Artist

Brian Berman When the artist Terry Moyemont gets behind the video camera, his eyes are focused on the prize. He will bring to the viewer the essence of your work, and the beauty and gift you bring to the world. Highly recommended.
Brian Berman

Wendy Tyner Terry was asked to create and produce a documentary on the heritage of farmland on Bainbridge Island. We couldn't be more pleased with the results. The film was exceptionally difficult as it included many people through many seasons of farming.Through and through, Terry was instrumental in creating the vision, choosing the locations, selecting the topics, people to interview, editing and selecting the music. We were especially pleased with his ability to research the history of farmers and to seek out individuals who are in the forefront of sustainable agriculture. We are using the film to educate our region. Please visit friendsofthefarms.org to view the 10 minute film. I look forward to working with Terry again as the need arises for future film projects.
Wendy Tyner
Executive Director, Friends of the Farms

LibenskyOne midnight on a Paris street after a successful exhibition opening, Professor Libensky was walking to his hotel with Terry Moyemont and a New York photographer. The photographer asked whether it wasn't quite unusual for a videographer to be still shooting at night. Libensky smiled into Terry's camera, laughed, and replied, "Terry is not your usual videographer."
Stanislav Libensky
Father of world studio glass movement

Stephanie SkuraTerry Moyemont is a genius video and still camera artist. His moving camera work is the finest I've experienced, responding to the movement of the event in ways our eyes naturally do, and giving us a dynamic document that feels as lively as being there in-the-flesh.

He understands how to interview people in ways that let them be as comfortable, or more, as when off-camera and—and reveal things we might never otherwise hear.

As well as having an extraordinary mind—always one step ahead and—Terry is a born documenter. He loves to embrace a subject and allow it to inform his methodology. His background in philosophy gives him a rare open-mindedness and dispassionateness, an ablity to embrace his subject matter wholeheartedly and do whatever it takes to allow it to come alive on camera—multi-faceted, juicy, full of breath and color.

Stephanie Skura
Performance Artist

Salvatore Cipolla
Salvatore Cipolla
Master Italian sculptor
After a shooting session at his studio in Florence, Sicilian sculptor Cipolla said, "Terry, your way of working with artists at work is very, very intriguing." Erte "Terry always asked me such good questions. And he is a wonderful listener."
1920's Art Deco Designer

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